The children's book DARKBOYBOSS:  Reveals...
...What Black Boys Don't Learn In Schools
They Come From Genes of Greatness 
It's Time!
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"Prince says " I really love the book , the affirmations make me feel great and it gave me positive information about how great my ancestors were."
 Prince's mother says, he now calls himself a Dark Boy Boss
- Prince aged 8
Powerful Affirmations To Show The Greatness of the Dark Boy He Wont Find in School books Anywhere in the World.

Genes of Greatness The Movie... Coming 2021

Increase Belief In His Innate Greatness!  
This Powerful Hardback 65 page  book is designed to do what the school system doesn't. Make black boys believe that they are great!  
Powerful Affirmations With beautiful colourful illustrations
Designed to do what the school system doesn't. Produce self-assured leaders of tomorrow, and 
create unity between black boys.

Make Him Feel Like a Boss 
Black boys are the next generation of the African. Dark Boy Boss aims to nurture the leader inside.
The Most Important Ingredient for a Boy's Future Success  
Is to believe in himself, his greatness and the greatness  of his ancestors.
‘We Are Emperors’ Action Steps on Page 60 
Unique Memory Retention Techniques to Activate The Emperor Within Him 
Eliminate Self-Hate. Help Black Boys Know they are Great! 
he will know his real identity
Boy x aged 12 was having identity problems with his colour. After reading Dark Boy Boss he couldn't believe he was connected to African superheroes . He feels proud of where he has come from.
He will believe he is magnificent, a powerful being that  comes from royalty, a stature of greatness. He will Consider himself an Emperor.
Dark Boy Boss aims to reactivate  your child's DNA to raise the awareness of self to a high level of cultural identity and belief of greatness, fundamental ingredients to success.
Don't rely on a school system that programmes your children for failure. Get Dark Boy Boss today and elevate the self-esteem of your boy child.

“OMG, What an amazing book with powerful messages.  Dark Boy Boss reminds them that they have ROYALITY flowing in their blood. Khadijah Ward, I salute you" 

Davis J. Williams- Founder, Manhood Academy Global
 Active The Greatness of  Your Child's DNA Now
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  •  He will love his unique hair and features. 
  • ​ He will Rise Up to  believe in his innate greatness that he can  become a powerful leader of the next generation.
  •  He will understand that he descends from the genes of greatness the original man and leader of the world. The African.
  •  He will  have the utmost respect for himself, other emperors and  empresses.
  • ​Every book that you buy, £1 is used in the Genes of Greatness Foundation for disadvantaged young people in Sierra Leone  & Gambia.
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"After reading Dark Boy boss, I will look at no other black boy as less than a King. "
Warren Hassan - 12, From London
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